Why Should the Muslims and the People of the Book Act Together?

Another important fact that draws Christianity, Judaism and Islam together and necessitates them to act together is the atheist philosophies that are so influential in our time. There is also the damage caused by various radical notions that were later made a part of the three Divine religions.

Among the best-known and most harmful philosophies of our age can be cited materialism, communism, fascism, anarchism, racism, nihilism and existentialism. Many people who believed in the false diagnoses, deceptive descriptions and explanations of these ideas on the universe, society and man, have lost their faith or doubted it. What is more, these ideologies have dragged people, societies and nations into great crises, conflicts and wars. Their share of the blame for the pain and troubles that humanity suffers from today is immense.

While they deny God and creation, all the above-mentioned ideologies are based on a so-called scientific basis; Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. Darwinism constitutes the basis of atheist philosophies. This theory briefly claims – without having any scientific basis – that living beings have evolved as a result of coincidences and by means of a struggle for life. Therefore, Darwinism sends this deceptive message to people:

“You are not responsible to anyone, you owe your life to coincidences, you need to struggle, and if necessary to oppress others to succeed. This world is one of conflict and self-interest”.

The social messages put across by Darwinist concepts such as “Natural selection”, “struggle for life”, “survival of the fittest” are a means of dangerous indoctrination. This evil morality advises people to be egoistical, self-seeking, cruel and oppressive. It destroys such virtues as mercy, compassion, self-sacrifice and humility, the moral values of the three great monotheistic religions and presents this as if it is a necessity of “the rules of life.”

This Darwinist indoctrination is just the opposite of the beliefs of the People of the Book and the morality of the Qur’an. Consequently, the Darwinist indoctrination constitutes the foundation of a world which inherently opposes all the three Divine religions.

This being the case, it is necessary for the People of the Book and Muslims to co-operate, since they believe in God and accept the morality that He teaches. The followers of these three religions should expose to the world the fallacy of Darwinism, which has no scientific basis, but which people are trying to preserve for the sake of materialist philosophy. They should co-operatively carry out an intellectual struggle against all other deceptive ideas (communism, fascism, racism) that serve atheism. They need to make an effort to explain that the radical ideas that were later made a part of every religion are wrong and tell the truth instead. Once these are realized, the world will, in a very short time, embrace peace, tranquillity and justice.

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